Toy Island: A VaaaR adventure, award of gameplay

Toy Island won the award of gameplay for our work during the last months. It is our final project as students, now we are waiting the graduation ceremony and we will be free 🙂

A big big big thanks to my team, we started an ambitious project with challenges and issues. We never worked on Unreal engine and an HTC Vive. We had hard times but our team remained united that is why we managed to reach our goals.

Artists: Charly Kokx, Damien Touttée, Paul Le Quere, Cezar Coca, Jean-Baptiste Dessaux

Developpers: Johann Seys, Christophe Avalle

Game designers: Louis Aubel, Mathieu Casnin

Game Designer & Programming: Baptiste Menard

Sound designer: Fabio Centracchio

Producer: Arthur Bricout